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Student loans: Dream killers for young people
Graduates are leaving college with massive debt. Here's a look at what they're facing, plus six steps to pay off loans.

Money fears put the brakes on life
Financial worries are increasingly causing Americans to delay major events such as getting married or buying a home.

Free-home offer hard to refuse
If you dream of living in Sicily, one town has an offer that appears too good to pass up. But there's a catch.

1,000% tip is no joke!
Waiters work hard for the money and no one appreciates that more than a former waiter.

Can Trump trump presidential odds?
Could the sixth time be the charm for presidential hopeful Donald Trump?

Charitable giving made easy
The ease and flexibility of donor-advised funds make them a popular choice.

Toddler gets $39K birthday bash
Forget the backyard slip-and-slide. If you really want to throw a birthday party, invite Minnie and Mickey.

American Pharoah wins; stocks lose?
Horse-racing fans may want to pay attention to how a Triple Crown win seems to affect the stock market.

Rich say this means more than $
It's not all about the cash. When it comes to the fulfilled life, intangibles matter more, according to the rich.

Toasting 25 years of financial freedom
Ready to chuck your job? Learn some early retirement tips from a couple who left the workforce at age 38.

US losing grip on billionaires
The U.S. still produces the most self-made billionaires, but China is coming up fast.

Richest Formula One drivers
Nico Rosberg might have claimed the jewel in the crown of the Monaco Grand Prix, but his net worth still lags that of his rival.

CEO golfers deliver lower returns
For a higher return on investment, it's best to keep executives away from the golf clubs.

Own a piece of ‘Downton Abbey’
We can't promise tea with her Ladyship, but with enough cash, you can purchase Byfleet Manor.

Picasso proves he’s still ‘the man’
He believed art kept him alive, and a recent record sale attests to the immortality of his work.

What do rich millennials want?
A new survey points to the need to update the phrase "Keeping up with the Joneses."


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