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The rich are different about credit, too
Bankrate's recent Money Pulse survey finds that the affluent pay more attention to their credit. You should, too.

Is free-home offer a good deal?
At first blush, the offer of a fixer-upper in Sicily seems like a dream, but beware the potential nightmare.

Most expensive city for expats
Africa is a study in contrasts when it comes to cost of living for expats.

The rich want what you can’t have
Two recent reports on luxury spending by the rich reveal pickier appetites.

Surprising way low wages hurt young people
Low wages are putting millennials at a huge disadvantage -- and it may have lasting effects.

Clinton targets the rich
Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has made it clear she's gunning for the wealthy.

How not to lose the family fortune
With the right guidance, families can improve the younger generations' chances of fiscal responsibility.

Rich investors home in on diversity
The luxury real-estate market is attracting rich, stock-market wary buyers.

Job market still rough for young grads
Jobs are scarce, and experience is at a premium. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for young people searching for work?

Changing the way rich people give
Former Facebook president wants the new rich to use startup-company principles in philanthropy.

World’s richest entrepreneurs
Judging by the list of wealthiest self-made individuals, America is still the land of opportunity.

Student loans: Dream killers for young people
Graduates are leaving college with massive debt. Here's a look at what they're facing, plus six steps to pay off loans.

Money fears put the brakes on life
Financial worries are increasingly causing Americans to delay major events such as getting married or buying a home.

Free-home offer hard to refuse
If you dream of living in Sicily, one town has an offer that appears too good to pass up. But there's a catch.

1,000% tip is no joke!
Waiters work hard for the money and no one appreciates that more than a former waiter.

Can Trump trump presidential odds?
Could the sixth time be the charm for presidential hopeful Donald Trump?


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