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Richest oil barons
Oil prices are falling, but not the fortunes of the richest men in the business.

Jean Chatzky: 5 money moves in 2015
Make this the year you'll complete everything on your financial to-do list. Start with these money moves.

Retire in style on a cruise ship
For a full-time cruise ship resident, interesting friends and experiences are plentiful.

Will rich rule world’s wealth?
A new study claims that by next year, the wealthy will control the majority of the world's wealth.

Use mortgage to invest?
Paying only the interest on a mortgage and investing the excess payment is a risky strategy.

The new ultra-rich: inheritors
The largest wealth transfer in history will create a new generation of multimillionaires.

Road to riches starts with saving
How do you build wealth? Start by saving enough extra cash to invest.

For the rich, cash is king
The ultra-rich are keeping their investment options open, with an eye toward real estate.

Finances for the marrying kind
More couples are remarrying, resulting in unique financial planning challenges.

Billionaire winners and losers
The high-stakes billionaire game saw huge gains and losses in 2014.

Happy days again for investors?
Stock market volatility isn't scaring away investors, especially those who are retired.

Are you on Santa’s naughty list?
If you find a lump of coal in your financial stocking this year, plan to do better in 2015.

Most generous donors of 2014
The top donations by Americans totaled more than $3 billion in 2014.

Are the rich buying stocks?
Despite economic optimism, the rich are not gung-ho on the stock market.

Homes for a cool million are hot
While the overall housing market is stagnant, luxury homes are selling.

Should you click and give?
During the holidays, opportunities for impulse-giving abound, so it's best to plan ahead.


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