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Rich reach new heights
The most lavish apartment buildings give rich city-dwellers a taste of the high life.

Space: New frontier for the rich
Tired of globe-trekking? You might want to consider a trip that's out of this world.

Growing wealth gap among rich
Only a tiny slice of the 1-percenters are getting richer.

5 traits of women investors
Women are just as eager as men to reap market returns, but are less likely to plan for retirement.

Millennials say worry is for wimps
Young adults believe in their own power to earn wealth.

How the rich view market risk
Without sufficient investment growth, even the rich risk running out of money.

Bulls are running for the rich
Investors are bullish on the stock market and plan to continue buying this year.

Surge in the ranks of the rich
The number of wealthy households has reached or surpassed pre-recession levels.

Lady Gaga’s charitable mess
Before following a celebrity's philanthropic passion, be sure to check the financials.

Year of the rich woman
Five women who became billionaires this year earned their fortunes themselves.

Win big by playing scratch-offs?
I bought a $1 scratch-off lottery ticket every day for a month. Here's how my experiment fared.

Rich go gaga for real estate
Private funding by the world's super-rich is resulting in bigger real estate deals.

Household wealth hits new high
The economic outlook as measured by household balance sheets continues to improve.

What’s your money script?
We often unknowingly follow a script when it comes to finances, so ensure yours is solid.

No Oscar? Have a lollipop
Traditional items like watches were among Oscar nominee gifts, but laser hair restoration?

Rich worry about wealth gap
Those who possess most of the world's wealth don't feel comfortable at the top of the heap.


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