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Kirk Douglas’ greatest role
As he approaches the century mark, the actor is ramping up his role as philanthropist.

Most popular city for second home
Millionaires from other countries are buying property in this well-established hub for the rich.

Who is the richest self-made woman?
She dropped out of college at age 19 to found a company that today is valued at more than $9 billion.

The risk of following the money
It's hard to ignore stock market returns, but don't let them rule your retirement.

Young people lack a financial game plan
Millennials recognize the importance of planning for the future. But there's some work to do when it comes to putting a plan into action.

Under 40? Odds of being rich are low
The widening wealth gap is hitting the younger generations hard.

Rich turn backs on risk
Stock market fears and economic uncertainty appear to be wearing down rich investors.

Yes, you can take it with you
Managing money from the grave is possible through certain trusts that mandate the behavior of heirs.

Young people getting a grip on saving
When it comes to saving, millennials fare pretty well. But are they stashing their money in the right places?

How much do rich need to retire?
America's affluent say they're nervous about volatility

The rich are different about credit, too
Bankrate's recent Money Pulse survey finds that the affluent pay more attention to their credit. You should, too.

Is free-home offer a good deal?
At first blush, the offer of a fixer-upper in Sicily seems like a dream, but beware the potential nightmare.

Most expensive city for expats
Africa is a study in contrasts when it comes to cost of living for expats.

The rich want what you can’t have
Two recent reports on luxury spending by the rich reveal pickier appetites.

Surprising way low wages hurt young people
Low wages are putting millennials at a huge disadvantage -- and it may have lasting effects.

Clinton targets the rich
Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has made it clear she's gunning for the wealthy.


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