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What do you know about the rich?
They control more than half of the world's wealth, but who are these ultra-rich individuals?

The $19 million tweet
Oprah Winfrey really loves bread and she has the expanded bottom line to show for it.

Best countries for health care
Retirees who are sick of paying the high cost of health care can find better, cheaper options overseas.

Bank CEO’s $27 million paycheck
In 2015, the bank tried out a new compensation plan that appears to have paid off for its executives.

What does 2016 hold for the rich?
Like it or not, the 1-percenters will be in the spotlight this presidential election year.

2016: Investors beware?
So far, this year is proving to be a roller-coaster ride for investors. But don't let volatility get the best of you.

How to avoid a ‘Madoff’ adviser
Don't let your head be turned by investment promises. Here's how to choose a financial adviser.

Spending without borders
Think you will go the distance for a deal? The rich roam across borders to score luxury buys.

3 CEOs who rocked the stock market
The stock market's ho-hum performance in 2015 didn't affect the heads of these three tech companies.

How easy to lose a billion?
New fortunes are made every day, but holding onto your billions for 20 years is not easy.

How generous are the rich?
Despite global uncertainty, the rich opened their wallets to charity in 2014, according to a recent report.

What’s ahead for investors?
One thing's for sure: Investors won't be bored with the stock market next year.

Why the rich lose money
Sometimes it takes money to lose money. Find out how the ultra-rich lost a fortune.

Richest person, by decade
How do you stack up against the wealthiest individual in your age group?

Holiday gift guide for billionaires
Want to give something to someone who has been very, very good? You'll need to be rich to afford these custom gifts.

Gates goes green with energy fund
The man who brought computer software to the masses wants to do the same with clean energy.


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