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Arnold Palmer was a business ace, too
Many know him as a golf legend. Others know him for the sweet and refreshing summer beverage. But Arnold Palmer was a business mogul also.

Pippa’s engaged to a — what?
Kate Middleton's sister just got a huge ring from her hedge fund manager beau -- who can afford it.

Charitable donations set record in 2015
Charitable donations hit a record high for the second consecutive year, with an estimated $373 billion last year.

The way the wealthy are, and aren’t, like us
The U.S. Trust Insights on Wealth and Worth survey of 684 high net-worth individuals shows the wealthy aren't as risky as they are portrayed in movies like "The Wolf of Wall Street."

Sign of the times: Prince, his estate, half-siblings
With the news about the untimely death of Prince, who left no will but is survived by a sister and 5 half-siblings, you're probably wondering what might happen if you died without a will. The answer depends on whether you are Marcia Brady (of "The Brady Bunch") or Claire Dunphy (of "Modern Family"). And it

Prince left no will, but you can, frugally
Even if you're heartbroken over Prince's death, take a minute to reflect on the extra cost to his family. According to his sister, Prince died without a will.

Lone Star state’s luxury-home boom
One city in Texas saw the fastest-growing sales in $1 million-plus homes.

Millennials rate quality of work life over pay
A majority of millennials say the quality of their work life is more important than financial benefits when it comes to evaluating a job offer.

US tops philanthropy ranking — again
A new index reveals where the most generous donors live and how much of their fortune they plan to leave to charity.

Democrats more optimistic about economy
Guess who had the most confidence in the market and the economy last year: Democrats or Republicans?

The rich are upping the stakes in charity
The rich may be more philanthropic, but one survey says there's a shift in the ways in which they are giving.

Managing end-of-life finances
The high cost of long-term care seems at odds with a low-risk, low-yield investment plan.

The ‘Brussels’ effect in investing
Allowing global news to impact your investing strategy is more common -- and harmful -- than you think.

Seinfeld races away with $22 million
Jerry Seinfeld sold a chunk of his famous Porsche collection at auction this month.

The rich pick presidential faves
Affluent investors weigh in on which presidential candidates would be better for their wallets.

Shirley Temple’s stunning ring for sale
Bidding will start at $25 million, but the diamond ring is estimated to be worth much more.


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