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Richest person in each state
The American dream of entrepreneurship is the reason most of these individuals achieved wealth.

GoPro puts focus on charity
The founders of the wearable camera have refocused their lenses on giving back.

Big-bucks burger tops $1,700
If you prefer smoked duck egg and caviar to ketchup, the "Glamburger" is made-to-order.

How much do the rich give back?
Globally, philanthropic giving among the rich is closing in on pre-recession levels.

Richest billionaires under 40
Eleven billionaires under age 40 made it on Forbes' 400 richest list this year. Two of them are just 30 years old.

The unlimited vacation policy
Billionaire Richard Branson is embracing a change that gives staff more personal responsibility.

Cities for millionaires
The rich go where the money is, and two cities are minting millionaires faster than New York.

Investing in a private island
Larry Ellison's vision for a sleepy Hawaiian island is beginning to blur around the edges.

Billionaire wealth tops $7 trillion
Billionaires around the world saw their wealth increase by double digits in 2014.

Best place to retire overseas
Whether you prefer mountains, beaches or cities, there's an ideal retirement haven for you abroad.

A handbag for the price of a house
For the rich, luxury often comes in the form of a winning bid for a rare item, such as a diamond-encrusted Birkin handbag.

Wealth gap worsening?
A new survey suggests that businesses need to get involved in lifting more of the middle class into prosperity.

They’re auctioning off what?
You won't believe the history behind an item experts expect to fetch upwards of $60,000.

Best industry for millionaires
If you want to be rich, it helps to know where you have the best shot at earning your millions.

Cure a vacation-spending hangover
If your biggest vacation reminder is a pile of bills, it's time to revisit your financial priorities.

Retire and travel the world
For some adventurous retirees, "home" is a state of mind.


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