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Ways to keep disability honest
Social Security Disability is in trouble. Here are some ideas for controlling costs by changing the rules.

Keeping a roof over your head
There are many types of housing to consider, but getting a reverse mortgage can be a good option for staying put.

Social Security: No COLA in 2016
The Social Security Board of Trustees released its annual report on the program's health, and the news was so-so.

Time to end 401(k) matches?
Some policy experts say 401(k) matches cost taxpayers more than they are worth and may actually hinder retirement savings.

Deck stacked against women
Women earn less and claim less Social Security, which makes it more likely they'll be poor in retirement.

Stock plans with a foreign twist
Fidelity opens an office in Germany to expand its ability to manage equity compensation on a global scale.

Retired and back on the job
Retiring to rock on the porch isn't a reality for about one-third of middle-income boomers.

Uncle Sam’s new rules for retirees
At the White House Conference on Aging, the government announced several changes to programs that assist older Americans.

We need life — not death — counseling
Have we outlived the need for end-of-life counseling?

No retirement for Sarah Bernard
Millennial media darling Sarah Bernard is a retirement spokesperson, but she doesn't think she'll ever retire in the traditional way.

Is Greek tragedy our odyssey?
Greek retirees have it bad, but their troubles aren't likely to be our troubles.

Medicare considers telemedicine
Making telemedicine more available requires changing long-standing Medicare rules, but there are good reasons to do it.

Financial abuse growing problem
Take the team approach to protecting the aging and vulnerable.

6 steps to freedom from work
Celebrate Independence Day by considering your own plan to escape to retirement.

Financing a tiny house
Some people see tiny homes as a liberating lifestyle, enabling them to free up resources for other things besides a big house payment.

6 things same-sex couples must do
Now that same-sex marriage is legal everywhere, it is important for couples to take another look at their retirement planning.


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