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Feds fight to thwart ID thieves
The IRS, Federal Trade Commission and Social Security Administration are taking steps to protect consumers from identity theft.

Why Obama’s plan is good for retirement
The president's proposed fiscal 2017 budget includes some provisions to encourage workplace retirement plans.

Financial stress hits quarterbacks, too
For their retirement, NFL players partly rely on a multiemployer plan that's on shaky ground, not unlike some other plans.

Rising rates, longer lives make annuities tricky
An annuity may make your retirement more secure, but buy cautiously.

Ways to make us save – like it or not
Congress and the president are both looking for ways to encourage retirement savings. Here are their suggestions and some others.

Bowie: Life well lived, death well planned
David Bowie provided a soundtrack for boomers from their youth well into their retirement. His last days serve as an inspiration for us all.

Why should you save at work?
Whether you even have a workplace savings plan is affected by where you live and how much you make. Some experts say scrapping them is the right answer.

6 trends that could rattle your retirement
Few of these trends will work in favor of retiring baby boomers.

Don’t let them ignore retirement
Medicare and other retirement topics are not very sexy, but don't let presidential candidates ignore them.

Is Social Security generous enough?
New numbers from the Congressional Budget Office seem to indicate that our Social Security benefits are more generous than once thought.

Getting ready to call it quits
As you contemplate retirement, think about these 4 things.

3 ways to make the most of a Roth
Here's some advice for keeping Uncle Sam out of your nest egg.

5 New Year’s gifts from Congress
The new legislation that Congress pushed through includes at least 5 provisions that help retirees and those planning for retirement.

Resolve to master your money in 2016
Start your retirement planning off right by committing to being smarter about money in 2016.

Jean Chatzky: Social Security and boomers
There are big changes coming to Social Security, thanks to the recently approved federal budget.

Small rate hike won’t make a big difference
The Federal Reserve's quarter-point increase in interest rates isn't likely to mean that retirees will see attractive CD rates any time soon.


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