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Same-sex couples can’t rely on default rules
Even if the U.S. Supreme Court says states have to recognize gay marriage, same-sex couples need good estate plans.

7 ways to cut dental costs
Consider your teeth when you budget for health care in retirement.

Rich, active and ignored
Boomers have most of the money and are willing to spend it. Why aren't companies wooing them?

Could you be an ‘elder orphan’?
Now's the time to figure out a plan to avoid being old, alone and vulnerable.

Electronics keep frail elderly safe
Radar and other technology can keep a watchful eye on people, allowing them to live independently but safely.

$6-a-day road to retiring rich
A 25-year-old who gives up one latte a day and saves the money for retirement will hit the jackpot.

More people delay Social Security
Fewer people are claiming Social Security at age 62, according to a new analysis.

New grandma plans a college fund
Skip the baby gifts and put the money in a college savings account.

Jean Chatzky: Money help for adult kids
Boomers with financially independent children are more than twice as likely to be retired than boomer parents still supporting adult kids.

Is your retirement plan keeping up?
Do you have a 6 percent match, low fees and attractive investment options?

Are you single? A will is imperative
Everybody ought to have an estate plan, but if you have no spouse, it is particularly important to put your wishes in writing.

Vote for a better retirement
Make sure politicians know that you want help planning and saving for a better retirement.

Get ready to rock ‘n’ roll old age
In honor of Older Americans Month, think about how you'd make getting older better.

Mature workers are a boon to biz
Negative stereotypes about older workers are wearing out their welcome as recent studies debunk these typecasts.

Can you find the right path?
Some retirement savers may not understand why planning is important.

Fight financial abuse
Sharing financial information with a trusted adviser and family members can make you less likely to be a victim of elder financial abuse.


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