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Do you want combo long-term care?
Combining life insurance with long-term care works for some people but it isn't a good deal for others.

For some, working beats golf
A survey found that among people who could probably afford a leisurely retirement, working remains an appealing option.

Is now the right time to retire?
One calculation shows that now could be the right time to hang up your work boots.

The state of retirees’ union
The president's State of the Union speech will focus on ways to help middle-class savers while preventing high-earners from escaping taxes.

5 ways for Congress to back retirees
The National Council on Aging has a to-do list for Congress to ensure more older Americans achieve health and economic security.

Grading 5 retirement plans
Sen. Tom Harkins' proposal for a national savings plan got an A-, the best score, and so did the New Brunswick, Canada, plan for public employees.

Retired without warning
Here are four things to do to prepare yourself in case employment ends before you're ready.

Congress wrangling over Social Security
The U.S. House takes a shot at forcing Congress to fix Social Security.

Online medicine is good for you
Persuading doctors to adopt a health care portal means they make more money and you get better care.

5 top saving fails
Here's how to avoid being a retirement savings doofus.

Illinois creates novel savings plan
Illinois will create a statewide program for private-sector workers who don't have access to an employer-based retirement saving plan.

Private pension funds fall again
We're living longer and that's making it more expensive for companies to fund their old-fashioned defined benefit pension plans.

3 mistakes that ruin retirement
Taking Social Security too early leads the list of retirement-planning mistakes.

6 trends that will define retirees
Don't expect your retirement to be much like your parents because the times they are a-changing.

Make a digital map of your life
End the year by ensuring that your loved ones can find your logins, passwords and other vital information.

Working (and spending) less
This is my husband's first full year of retirement and we are spending less and enjoying it more.


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