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Future retirees are scared of inflation
If you're worried about how inflation could eat into your savings during retirement, you're not alone.

Nest egg: Spend it or save it?
A new study on retirement spending finds attitudes are all over the map and continuing to change.

6 reasons boomers worry and 6 ways to fix it
Worrying about retirement is a baby boomer preoccupation -- but there are solutions.

Medigap Plan F the most costly, yet popular
This plan costs more but pays the most, especially if you get really sick.

If commissions are out, will savers win?
Proposed rules will hold stockbrokers and other investment advisers to a tougher standard that the U.S. government thinks will protect savers.

Planning for the ‘good death’
Helping a patient grapple with the financial and other details related to his death can bring peace.

What will you do when you grow up?
Interesting work in retirement can bring happiness, but study your options first.

Shining light on government pensions
Legislation to mandate disclosure of shortfalls in government pensions is back for another round in Congress. Will it ever pass?

Retirement confidence gotchas
Those who aren't worried about retirement probably should be, a survey finds.

Attention septuagenarians: It’s RMD Time
If you turned 70 1/2 in 2015 and have an IRA or a 401(k), the IRS says you must take a withdrawal by April 1.

Medicare prods docs to prescribe cheaper drugs
Medicare proposes new rules to make doctors think harder about prescribing expensive drugs.

Financial management when your brain fails
Take these steps to put a financial plan in place just in case your mind doesn't work anymore.

Are you too cool for a target-date fund?
While the target-date fund may seem boring, investing on your own can be a big mistake, recent research suggests.

Senior pets deserve the best
Your dog or cat is aging with you. Make a plan to ensure that your pet gets good care, even if you aren't around to provide it.

Retirement – women should worry
Accumulating enough assets during their careers to pay the bills in their old age is a major challenge for women.

Age 66? Don’t ignore Social Security changes
If you can still file under Social Security's old rules for couples, do it. It's worth big money.


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