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Social Security returns to paper
Social Security will resume mailing benefit reports to certain recipients on key birthdays.

Plan to protect each other
Thoughtful estate planning can protect both a surviving spouse and children from a previous marriage.

Contemplating reaching 100
Among centenarians, 81 percent are women and 17 percent live below the poverty line.

Don’t let divorce ruin retirement
Divorce carefully, or as Gwyneth Paltrow says, practice "conscious uncoupling."

Tips from Michael Phelps’ return
Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is abandoning retirement and jumping back into the pool. Here's what we can learn from his experience.

Hiring home caregivers directly
Fewer long-term care insurance policies allow insureds to pay for home care directly, but being able to do this can stretch long-term care dollars.

8 ways to hedge a longevity bet
Outliving your money is a big retirement risk. Here are eight ways to keep enough income flowing.

Carrots to keep boomers working
Here's an idea for a low-cost incentive plan that encourages older workers to hang around.

A Social Security scam?
The Treasury and the Social Security Administration are intercepting tax refunds to satisfy old debts going back decades. Should this be allowed to happen?

4 secrets of savvy planners
Savvy planners have happier retirements. Here's what you need to know.

Create a digital estate plan
Here are some tips on how to make sure your online assets pass to your heirs.

Shop smart for long-term care
The cost of long-term care is rising, making insurance a wise buy.

Why and how to pick an adviser
Retirement advisers offer insights on choosing the best retirement planning adviser for you.

Are you financially capable?
Financial literacy is like a hot potato with no clear entity in charge of teaching it.

Passing the C.A.M.P. test
To retire well, one expert says you have to have CAMP -- an acronym for a retirement plan.

Multiemployer pensions need help
Pension plans of many unionized workers are threatened by shrinking contributions.


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