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Will you get an A+ in retirement math?
Savings calculations don't add up for most workers, says management consultancy Aon Hewitt.

Retiring behind bars
Keeping people in prison when they are old and troubled by the diseases of aging is expensive, but is it right to set lifetime criminals free?

Get your no-cost flu shot
Medicare pays for preventive care. Get your flu shot and other cost-free care that can keep you healthy.

Will long-term care cover a CCRC?
Long-term care insurance may cover a stay in a continuing care retirement community, but getting the insurer to pay up could be a challenge.

Jitter-free cash balance plans
These increasingly popular pension plans put the onus on management to save and manage the accounts.

Medicare: Where’s the competition?
Competitive Medicare Advantage plans were supposed to help keep costs down, but competition is scarce and bargains are hard to find.

Is short-term care good enough?
Long-term care is pricey and many people think they'll never need it. Now insurers are suggesting a different solution.

Post-recession, the pain lives on
7 years after the meltdown, most people are still trying to recover, according to this study.

Will Medicare costs bomb you in 2016?
If you are new to Medicare in 2016, a high earner or you filed and suspended your Social Security benefits, expect your Medicare Part B premium to skyrocket.

Guide to being a family fiduciary
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is publishing guides to help family fiduciaries act in the best interest of their loved ones. Its new guide is geared to Virginians.

3 money-stretching tips for retirees
These consumer benefits can help you make the most of your retirement years.

5 lessons for over-50 job hunters
Workers 50 and older make up a large part of the workforce, but job hunting at that age can be painful.

Happy 80th birthday, Social Security
Social Security is an octogenarian and ready for more than just a face-lift.

Time to fix Social Security disability
Without a fix, Social Security Disability Insurance will face cuts. You may not care now, but the odds are good that someday the program will be important to you.

15 cities where the living is good
Retire in one of these places if you want comfort and security, not glamour.

Being generous can cost you
Providing support for adult children or older family members isn't cheap. Keep a lid on it.


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