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Work less — ‘It’s a better life’
Retirement actuary Steve Vernon says working less while delaying Social Security is the best way to retire.

Thriving in the empty nest
It costs about $245,000 to raise a child to age 18. Do parents feel richer when the kids move out?

Should we force people to save?
A new study shows a correlation between people who take preventive health-care steps and those who save for retirement.

Save taxes — start a business
Becoming an entrepreneur is a tax-friendly way for retirees to make and save money.

Why using an adviser pays off
401(k) participants who work with an adviser save more for retirement, a new study finds.

Prying loose your digital life
Digital companies like Facebook and iTunes make you sign agreements that prevent your heirs from accessing your accounts, but new legislation may change that.

You’re dead. What about Fido?
Make provisions for your pets a part of your retirement planning so that they remain well cared for even after you are incapacitated or die.

Navigating the Medicare market
A recent study suggests that choosing between traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans isn't easy, but studying the options is time well spent.

5 steps to take before you quit
If you don't have retirement savings, it is particularly important to get your retirement ducks in a row before you call it quits.

Advice for late-blooming parents
Parenthood after 40 is becoming increasingly common, which can complicate retirement planning.

Retirement — one year later
The first 12 months without work and a paycheck were a learning experience.

Williams needed help: Do you?
Entertainer Robin Williams suffered from mental illness and took his own life. If you have a similar disease, help is available.

Feds can ease into retirement
New rules let federal employees get prorated retirement pay while continuing to work part-time.

Yes, Grandma, they will listen
New research suggests that grandchildren value their grandparents' views on money.

Nervous? Don’t let it backfire
Many investors have no faith in the market, but it has offered a much greater return lately than cash equivalents.

Joy of staying on the job
Continuing to work makes many retirees happy.


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