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5 wise estate-planning steps
You can't take it with you, but you can make a good plan for leaving your wealth to the right people.

What will health care really cost?
It's tough to figure out how much you will need to pay for things that insurance or Medicare won't cover, a recent study shows.

Are boomers too fat to be healthy?
Boomers are better educated, smoke less and have greater access to technology, but a new study suggests their weight mitigates those advantages.

Octogenarian launches war on ageism
At 88, Bill Zinke is fed up with the notion that old is useless and he's rallying the geriatric troops.

Who takes Social Security early?
One-third of people born in 1946 -- the first baby boomers -- took Social Security at 62, mostly because their options were limited.

Master your debt before you quit
Retiring without a plan to pay what you owe can reduce your peace of mind.

How to shop for an annuity
Don't be distracted by the bells and whistles. The basics are what counts.

Worried? Call the telemedicine doc
Docs on line is a growing trend, recently blessed by Medicare, that can reassure patients with nagging health concerns.

Scary retirement income reality
Retirement savings are inadequate. Social Security is shrinking. Will most of us work until we drop?

New way to cut Medicare costs
The latest Medicare reforms give patients direct financial incentives to do what the doctor ordered.

Fight boredom by joining the board
One way to stay involved after you've retired is to take a seat on a board of directors of a nonprofit, an industry organization, a governmental board or a corporate board.

Protect Social Security numbers
Medicare cards with Social Security numbers on them encourage fraud. It's time for Congress to fix that.

Are you feeling optimistic?
Lower gas prices and rising balances improve retirement savers' outlooks, survey finds.

4 ways to stretch your Social Security
If you think you'll come up short in retirement, here are some ways to get more money.

Untangling Social Security survivor benefits
Understanding widow and widower benefits is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

Put your plan in writing
Devising a retirement plan and writing it down can make you feel lots more secure


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