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Financial abuse growing problem
Take the team approach to protecting the aging and vulnerable.

6 steps to freedom from work
Celebrate Independence Day by considering your own plan to escape to retirement.

Financing a tiny house
Some people see tiny homes as a liberating lifestyle, enabling them to free up resources for other things besides a big house payment.

6 things same-sex couples must do
Now that same-sex marriage is legal everywhere, it is important for couples to take another look at their retirement planning.

Falling on your assets is expensive
Avoiding a fall is a lot cheaper than recovering from one.

Saving at work makes a difference
Employers who offer retirement benefits get a lot of bang for their bucks.

Disconnect between love and money
Do you know your spouse's income or the size of his or her nest egg? If the answer is no, you're not alone.

Millennials best their elders
Millennials are committed to good money management habits and in many ways show up boomers and Gen X.

4 percent rule vs. buying an annuity
Don't rely on one or the other. Do both, says one financial researcher.

Cut the fat from savings plans
One retirement plan, one set of rules and limited fees should be enough for retirement savers, says economist John Friedman.

Too many retirees; too little money
A new report emphasizes that Social Security is spending more than it is taking in and we need to collect more taxes or spend less on the program.

‘Old coots’ need not apply
Age discrimination is a growing problem, as people are living longer and need to work longer.

Make remodeling worth the trouble
If you are going to spend money on improving your home, make sure it will pay off in comfort, satisfaction and, maybe, resale value.

Military finalizes new retirement plan
The new plan trims traditional pension benefits to give service people with less seniority some savings.

Will pre-retirees lose Obamacare?
A Supreme Court decision later this month in favor of challengers to the Affordable Care Act could freeze many people age 50 to 64 out of the insurance market.

Why are millennials nervous?
Even millennials who are earning good salaries and saving money say they are worried about how they can retire comfortably.


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