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‘Bowzer’ rocks Social Security
Former Sha-Na-Na frontman Jon "Bowzer" Bauman is defending Medicare and Social Security.

Bogle says make 401(k)s better
Vanguard founder John Bogle told Congress this week that 401(k)s need to improve if they are to be our main source of retirement savings.

4 steps that beat clipping coupons
Smart strategies for retirement savings will make a bigger difference than nickel and diming your spending in retirement.

Plan to be healthy and happy
Retirees rank health as the No. 1 ingredient for a happy retirement.

Retired and in hock for a student loan
More seniors are on the hook for student loan debt, and their Social Security checks are being garnished to pay it off.

Long goodbye to pension plans
Old-fashioned pension plans have disappeared over the last 15 years -- and they aren't coming back.

Hungry? Don’t ignore SNAP
Only 4 out of 10 elderly people who qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program sign up for benefits.

In case of emergency — text
Texting isn't just for the young. It can be a life saver for older people.

Friending your financial adviser
Should you connect with financial services people on social media? The answer is "maybe."

‘Women have it tough’
Because women earn less and save less then their counterparts, they might need to work longer.

Reasons to burn the mortgage
A new study shows homeowners with no mortgages have more financial flexibility.

6 steps for anyone kissing 50
If you're facing that mid-century birthday, it's time to figure out a retirement strategy.

Work less — ‘It’s a better life’
Retirement actuary Steve Vernon says working less while delaying Social Security is the best way to retire.

Thriving in the empty nest
It costs about $245,000 to raise a child to age 18. Do parents feel richer when the kids move out?

Should we force people to save?
A new study shows a correlation between people who take preventive health-care steps and those who save for retirement.

Save taxes — start a business
Becoming an entrepreneur is a tax-friendly way for retirees to make and save money.


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