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Stock gains send IRAs soaring
Fidelity Investments says IRA contributions set a record for the 2013 tax year.

Gen-Xers slog toward retirement
If you're 20 or 25 years from hanging up your work boots, the biggest challenge is knuckling down to a savings routine.

Working less for longer
Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim advocates shorter workweeks and longer work lives.

Social Security changes its mind
Social Security verification letters will continue to be available by postal mail.

More pay = more Social Security
Some politicians and researchers say paying women on a par with men would help put Social Security on a solid footing.

Young and planning to retire
Workers younger than 35 are doing a remarkably good job of saving for retirement.

Why Social Security isn’t fixed
Policymakers are dithering over fixing Social Social because of these six reasons.

Plan for do-it-yourself care
Taking steps in advance to make it easier to rely on family caregiving can reduce the burden on caregivers.

Doing the retirement juggle
Employers balance the need to help employees retire comfortably with its cost.

How much will you leave the kids?
Learn why telling your adult children about your finances and how much they are likely to get when you die is a good idea.

Beware of pension advances
Pension advances are high-interest loans that can destroy retirement security and leave a borrower in much worse shape than before.

Social Security protects numbers
The agency will no longer send printed benefit letters through postal mail.

Celebrate financial independence
Take these seven steps to ensure you can enjoy financial independence in retirement.

Treasury OKs annuities in 401(k)s
Retirement savers can now buy annuities in tax-deferred accounts without worrying about RMDs.

Gay couples win more rights
Social Security, Medicare and the Veteran's Administration have all opened their doors to same-sex couples, but they still face some restrictions.

Say goodbye to early retirement
More people 65 and older are working for a variety of reasons -- good and not so good.


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