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Bank Payday Lending: Overview of Media Coverage and Public Concerns
Banks that engage in payday lending have been in the media spotlight. Here we give a large sample of recent media coverage, legislative proposals, and public concerns directed at debt-trap lending by banks.

Getting Behind the Veil on Bank Payday Loans
The numbers show that bank customers that take payday loans based on their direct deposit advance get caught in the same high-cost debt trap that storefront payday loan borrowers do. These 365% loans siphon fees from the customer's bank account over and over as the cycle continues. But customers may not recognize them as payday loans because they are named differently.

Car Title News
Stay informed about developments in the car title loan and auto title loan industry

Credit and Prepaid Card News
Stay informed with developments in the credit card and prepaid card industries.

Payday Lending News
Stay informed with developments in the credit card and prepaid card industries.

Overdraft News
Stay informed about developments in overdraft loans, overdraft fees and other banking fees.

Mortgage News
Mortgage news from the Center for Responsible Lending

How A Dealer "Yo-Yo" Scam Works
No description available

Signs of Predatory Auto Loans
Don't get into car trouble: learn to spot predatory auto finance loans.

Signs of Predatory Overdrafts
Many banks and credit unions use unfair overdraft systems that cost Americans $24 billion per year in excessive fees. These signs of unfair overdrafts will help consumers identify them and distinguish between unfair and affordable overdraft coverage.

Poll: Strong Bipartisan Support for Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
A majority of Republican, Democratic and Independent voters across the nation support the work and mission of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, according to a recent national poll sponsored by the Center for Responsible Lending and Americans for Financial Reform. The poll also identified strong bipartisan support for consumer protections to guard against financial predators and for tough enforcement of those protections.

US Department of Education Proposes Rules to Better Protect College Students, Federal Financial Aid Dollars
The comment period on the US Department of Education proposed rule governing college-bank marketing partnerships closes on Thursday, July 2. CRL senior policy counsel Maura Dundon submitted comments to the Department and offered the following remarks:

High Court Upholds Disparate Impact
On June 25, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States held that disparate impact claims are recognizable under the Fair Housing Act. In the case Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. the Inclusive Communities Project, the Justices ruled 5-4 to uphold the use of disparate impact to help prove claims of housing discrimination. Center for Responsible Lending president Mike Calhoun offered the following statement:

Proposed Payday Lending Rules Will Enforce CA Law, Stop Payday Lending Abuses
Today, the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL) filed a public comment on urgently needed rules proposed by the California Department of Business Oversight (DBO) that would require payday lenders to follow California law by prohibiting the use of electronic transfers and debit cards in payday transactions. The rules would also create a new real-time electronic database to enforce existing law requirements that borrowers take out only one loan at a time.

New CFPB Report Finds Troubling Practices in Private Loan Servicing and Origination
On June 18, the Student Loan Ombudsman at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released a new report on the private student loan industry that sheds light on many troubling servicing practices affecting students and loan co-signers.CRL senior policy counsel Maura Dundon offered remarks:

Predatory Lending Impacts Economic Stability, Mobility of Families
In a new report, the Center for Responsible Lending examines the cumulative costs of abusive lending; calls for more data and regulations to end lending abuses


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