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Coalition Letter to Secretary Duncan, Attorney General Holder, Director Cordray
As advocates for students, veterans, consumers, civil rights and college access, we write to express grave concerns about the proposed sale of 56 Corinthian Colleges campuses to ECMC Group, a debt collector and loan servicer. We urge you not to waive liability for any prospective buyer of Corinthian campuses unless the sale provides significant relief for current and former students and contains enforceable safeguards to protect students and taxpayers from future abuse.

FHFA Director Responds to Housing Advocates: Broadening Mortgage Access is a 2015 Priority
In mid-November, CRL joined with the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) and several other consumer and civil rights advocates, wrote FHFA calling for revised underwriting standards that would open access to mortgage credit for up to 38 million consumers.

CRL's Negotiated Rulemaking Comments
Senior Policy Council Maura Dundon submitted testimony to the Department of Education on its 2015 rulemaking agenda.

Gainful Employment: A Civil Rights Perspective
CRL and seven other civil rights organizations jointly authored a policy brief that shares the adverse impacts students of color experience and a primary impetus for a strong gainful employment rule.

CRL Comment on HMDA Changes
On October 29, the Center for Responsible Lending joined a coalition of consumer and civil rights organization to comment on the proposed changes to the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) reporting requirements.

Three Ways to Fix Private Student Loan Troubles
This thoughtful op ed highlights key problems with private student loans and also offers ways regulators can better assist consumers.

Analysis: New State Data Show California Payday Lenders Continue to Rely on Trapping Borrowers in Debt
The California Department of Business Oversight (DBO) released data on October 3, 2014 showing the extent to which repeat lending comprises the bulk of payday loan activity.[i] Over 75% of all payday loan fees are from borrowers with 7 or more payday loans in 2013.

Attorneys General in 14 States Support More Accountability From For-Profit Colleges
Attorneys General representing states in the South, Midwest, Southwest and Northeast stand united in support of progressive reforms affecting for-profit college accountability.

Do Students of Color Profit from For-Profit College?
A post-secondary education is increasingly necessary in order to obtain a high-quality job and a lifetime of financial security and wealth-building opportunities. Many students finance their education through student loans because they see its value as an investment in their future. However, the value of that investment is questionable for those students enrolled in for-profit colleges.

2013 HMDA: Data Show People of Color Being Left Behind in Slowly Recovering Mortgage Market
The 2013 mortgage data submitted by lenders under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) reflects a slowly recovering mortgage market that troublingly continues to under-serve important market segments.

Bank Payday Lending: Overview of Media Coverage and Public Concerns
Banks that engage in payday lending have been in the media spotlight. Here we give a large sample of recent media coverage, legislative proposals, and public concerns directed at debt-trap lending by banks.

Getting Behind the Veil on Bank Payday Loans
The numbers show that bank customers that take payday loans based on their direct deposit advance get caught in the same high-cost debt trap that storefront payday loan borrowers do. These 365% loans siphon fees from the customer's bank account over and over as the cycle continues. But customers may not recognize them as payday loans because they are named differently.

Payday Lending News
Stay informed with developments in the credit card and prepaid card industries.

Credit and Prepaid Card News
Stay informed with developments in the credit card and prepaid card industries.

Overdraft News
Stay informed about developments in overdraft loans, overdraft fees and other banking fees.

Car Title News
Stay informed about developments in the car title loan and auto title loan industry


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