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Got money? Good. Put it to work

How Do We Invest Our Additional Savings?
What's the best way to invest your additional savings?

A decade-by-decade retirement investing plan for you
Make the right moves toward retirement in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s.

7 works of art that sold for more than $100 million
Art can add color to your portfolio if you're prepared to spend lots of green.

Millenniares: Investment fears and how to win
Financial experts explain ways for Millennials to overcome investment fears.

4 financial lessons to learn from sports teams
Professional teams aren't above making bad trades. What can you learn from their mistakes?

The world's 10 youngest billionaires
They're millennials, all under 35, and they have already amassed fantastic fortunes.

6 ways to Clinton-proof your portfolio
Here's how to best position your investments if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

Real estate rules as investing choice, survey says
We found people still seem leery of stocks and prefer to put their money in property.

Terror attacks and stocks
You might be surprised how financial markets behaved after these infamous attacks.

Donald Trump: The Bankrate interview
In this revealing 2009 interview, Trump talks about his mistakes, his triumphs and Twitter.

6 tips for opening your first IRA
Opening an IRA isn't as hard as you think. Here's how to get started.

Why index fund investors are beaming
The stock market's rally to new highs makes it a great time to be in index funds.

The 5 top presidential election years for stocks
Wall Street is rallying. But be careful of drawing conclusions in a presidential year.

Bankrate survey: Investors not freaking out over the campaign
But we found that a President Donald Trump would be more likely to deter some investing.

Brexit vote alters few stock analysts' forecasts
After Brexit, Bankrate's Market Mavens still prefer value equities over growth stocks.