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Got money? Good. Put it to work

7 IRA withdrawals that don't trigger a penalty
Here's just one example: You can take out up to $10,000 toward buying your first home.

Understand the differences between your IRA options
Your IRA choice usually comes down to the timing of taxes. 

Which is better for you: Term or permanent life insurance?
Permanent life insurance offers more options, but it's not always the answer.

How the Fed and other factors determine interest rates
Decode the mysterious ways interest rates move up and down. It could pay off for you.

When is the best time to buy Series EE savings bonds?
A government-backed guarantee help make these an attractive investment.

Why compound interest is really cool
Your interest earns interest and helps fatten up your savings. Here's how it works.

How safe is your bank? Here's how to find out
Bankrate's Safe and Sound ratings will let you know if your bank is strong or subpar.

The risks and rewards of corporate bonds
Learn how to read the bond grades that indicate how much risk you'll be taking on.

How can Funding Circle enhance your portfolio?
Searching for new investments? Funding Circle provides investors with opportunities.

What changes in money market funds mean for investors
You might not notice any difference, but it's worth understanding why moves were made.

Have a complaint about your bank? Here's what to do
If you think your bank or credit union made a mistake, these agencies offer assistance.

US Treasury securities provide plenty of safety
These government-backed investments offer a risk-free way to save.

Money market funds offer better returns, slight risk
Lay away cash for an emergency or short-term goals with a money market mutual fund.

How the FDIC protects your money
One of the most ubiquitous signs in the banking world is "Member FDIC." Here's what it means.

Is it time to invest in gold?
Gold is the favorite hedge against inflation and economic instability, bar none.