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Getting the most from your auto, health, life and homeowner policies

Basic differences between Medicaid and Medicare
Medicaid and Medicare are government health programs, but don't confuse them.

Which is better for you: Term or permanent life insurance?
Permanent life insurance offers more options, but it's not always the answer.

Life insurance: 4 types and their benefits
These types of life insurance are essential for safeguarding your family's future.

Preparing your home for a dangerous hurricane
Powerful Hurricane Matthew could slam into the East Coast. Is your home ready?

Your home insurance may be stingier for hurricanes
East Coast homeowners: Beware of higher, costly insurance deductibles for hurricanes.

The 5 most expensive prescription drugs
EpiPen's price hike to $600 sparked a furor. But these medicines can cost much more.

How to control the high cost of a hip or knee replacement
These surgeries can mean thousands in out-of-pocket costs. Find out how to save.

Why you may want earthquake insurance
The deadly quake in Italy serves as a reminder that you need extra protection.

What you need to know about flood insurance
The Louisiana flood shows the importance of preparing for disaster.

How to fortify your home against wildfires
Take the right steps so if flames spread, they won't find a welcome mat at your house.

6 ways to protect your home from flooding
The destructive floods in Maryland were a shock. Here's how to protect your home.

Woman fears she could be killed for life insurance
She thinks her ex will try to kill her to cash in. See how she can protect herself.

Inmates are often locked out of life insurance
Orange is the new insured? See whether prisoners can get life insurance policies.

Moving to Medicaid from your parent's health plan
Here's advice for enrolling in Medicaid once you're too old for parental coverage.

How a teen gets added to Mom's auto insurance
Parents may be able to hold off the high cost of putting a teenager on their policy.