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The plastic we love to hate

Why you should say 'no' to no-interest deals at stores
A retailer's interest-free financing will sting if you're not careful with payments.

5 things you should know about no-interest credit cards
A zero-interest credit card could wind up costing you. Don't forget fees and other factors.

Raise your credit score by making this simple request
Almost 80% of credit card holders who ask for a higher credit limit get it, our survey shows.

4 things you should know about mobile wallets
Few people use mobile wallets today, but that's changing. Here's what to know.

Can I remove name from ex's authorized user accounts?
You may owe for your ex's debts if you're an authorized user on his credit card accounts.

Know when it's smart to transfer a credit card balance
Moving a large credit card balance to a low-interest card might not be the best idea.

The bottom line on small-business credit cards
You could be on the hook for the debt, so weigh the costs and risks of a company card.

6 risky ways to pay off your credit card debt
Paying down credit card balances is tough. You can get in worse trouble doing it these ways.

5 ways thieves steal your credit card data
See how fraudsters can hijack your credit card without pilfering your plastic.

The 10 states with the least credit card debt
Congrats, Mississippi! You rank lowest for credit card debt. Who else makes the list?

The top 9 reasons your credit card may get declined
Having your credit card declined is embarrassing. Here's how to avoid it. 

The 10 states with the most credit card debt
Which state is No. 1? It'll take people there more than 11 years to pay off credit card debt.

How many credit cards are too many?
What's the right number? It depends, but 1,497 (the record for one person) is too many.

6 smart strategies for paying off your credit cards
Any of these techniques can work -- you just have to make a choice and stick with it.

6 ways to ditch credit card debt
Want to eliminate your credit card balances? Pick the debt reduction strategy that's right for you.