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Indispensable advice for car shoppers

The cars that are the most 'made in the USA'
Determined to buy American? These cars are the most homegrown.

Drawn-out car payment plan puzzles borrower
Here's why your car payments might seem like they will never come to an end.

SOS: How to escape when your car is sinking in water
If your car is swept away in a flash flood, your instincts could steer you wrong.

9 fuel-efficient cars for everyday driving
Join the mileage-high club! Drive a fuel-efficient car that won't consume your cash.

Are you driving one of these top-quality cars?
Cars are getting better each year, and these brands outshine the rest, a new study shows.

Why that rental car might not be safe for you to drive
You know when your own car has received a recall notice, but what about a rental car?

The 10 cars that thieves love most
Older cars and newer pickups are at greatest risk of theft. See if your car is a target.

How do I maintain control during a tire blow-out?
There are ways to prevent a tire blow-out, but if one does happen, here's what you should do.

The top 10 reasons your check-engine light goes on
When that light flickers on your dashboard, don't stall. Your car needs attention now.

The 10 best rides for recent college grads
Just graduated from college? Drive off the lot in one of these irresistible cars.

You might be surprised to find your car warranty has expired
Your dealership's service department might not be telling the truth about your mileage limits.

How do I prevent my car from hydroplaning?
Wet, slippery roads can be hazardous for driving. Here's how to get a grip.

10 cities where your car is least likely to be stolen
In these major metro areas, your car is safest from thieves.

What it costs you to own and operate today's cars
Whether you drive a small sedan or a minivan, it's cheaper to drive these days.

How the sun damages your car and what to do about it
Your car is sensitive to sun damage, too. Here's how to protect it.