Know Your Credit Rating -Monitor Your Credit Report -Protect Your Identity -Get  a  Credit Line / Credit Card - Use Your Credit Wisely - Consult  a  Financial Adviser Know Your Credit Rating -Monitor Your Credit Report -Protect Your Identity -Get  a  Credit Line / Credit Card - Use Your Credit Wisely - Consult  a  Financial Adviser
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Secrets To Have a Good Credit Rating

Good Credit  will open the doors for you and make your life comfortable.

Here below are important tips that will help you achieve your financial goals.

  1. Know Your Credit Rating
  2. Monitor Your Credit Report
  3. Protect Your Identity
  4. Get  a  Credit Line / Credit Card
  5. Use Your Credit Wisely
  6. Consult  a  Financial Adviser 

For your quick reference, information to seek such help from companies that specialize in these fields is provided for you on this page.  Further reference and  explanation is here below:

In today’s fast moving financial world, having a credit is not a luxury, rather it is a necessity for hassle free  and comfortable living.

Having money is not enough, it does not  address all the modern situations of daily life.  Unless you want to carry a suitcase full of cash with you where ever you go, you will need credit.

Credit means , you can borrow money if and when you need it; credit means having the facility to use the credit card or credit facility, credit means that you can rent a car when travelling and credit also means that you can establish your identity with ease when you are thousands of miles away from home.

If you have credit but have not used it , that does not help either.  Financial institutions want that an individual has used the credit, borrowed money or used credit card to buy goods or services and then made timely payments.  They are looking for good financial repayment history of an individual.

Before you apply for a credit or credit card, you should know your credit score, in financial world it is known as beacon score.  If you do not know your credit rating or if you are unsure , go to  and get your credit report.  This will allow you to review  and check out if the credit report reflects true credit picture of yours.  If there are any errors , these should be corrected.  This requires time and professional acumen in dealing with the credit companies.  You can do it yourself or seek the help of .  They can help to  remove any errors in your credit report and get it updated with the correct information.

Many times there are errors in credit reports because someone has stolen your identity and used your credit fraudulently.  If this is the case, you need to protect your identity.  Lifelock is a company that can safeguard your identity and save you from hassles arising from such a scenario.

Many  people want to keep an eye on their credit rating and want to be informed whenever enquiries are made or any factors that can adversely affect the credit score. TrueCredit offers great such services,  as it gives you that added and prompt information about your credit score  and you can take immediate steps to correct it.

With a good credit report in your hand , you  are ready and should apply a credit card with Fingerhut. The credit card is issued by the WebBank, it is easy and there are choices so that you can pick a card that will suit your life style.  Make sure that you get the card with a credit limit that will meet your needs and use it responsibly  so that you build on your already good credit rating.

Once you have a good credit, it will be easy to borrow money,  if and when you need it.  Big institutions , require  lengthy forms to be filled and their decisions take time. If you are in need of emergency cash , go to the site MyCashflow as the process is simpler , faster and reasonable cost. This facility should be used only when you need cash in emergency, for regular needs, banks will offer you more favourable loans. 

Once you have established yourself, and you feel that you have arrived, you may be interested in building your wealth.  Trading in stocks and financial instruments requires good advice, timely information and low cost trading.  Tradeking and Personal Capital are good choices.  Tradeking offers flat fee commissions on trading and Personal Capital will help you with building wealth, visit their website for more information.

Follow the above guidelines, use your credit responsibly and  you will be on your way to financial success and enjoyable life.


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